Aussie Book Review: Tallowood Bound by Karly Lane

Tallowood BoundTallowood Bound by Karly Lane


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Allen & Unwin, November 2015

Synopsis- When Erin Macalister heads to her home town to help take care of her beloved grandmother she’s relieved to be leaving behind both the city and the remnants of a broken marriage. Arriving in the small rural town she finds nothing much has changed there – including Jamie McBride, who lives on the neighbouring farm to her and is as ridiculously good looking as he was when they were seventeen and madly in love.

Desperate to bring back her grandmother’s smile, Erin goes through old photo albums with her. Though frail and confused her grandmother tells vivid stories about the past, including memories of a soldier she once loved. Erin’s curiosity about the man deepens when she finds an engagement ring he once gave her grandmother.

Meanwhile, Jamie McBride seems intent on rekindling their relationship, even though Erin’s not at all sure she wants to risk heartache again…

Review- I’m a little late at putting this review together as I read it back in December. The first book I finished reading since the birth of my daughter in September. I’m glad it was Karly Lane that dragged me out of my reading slump! I just love her writing style; she’s an author that one can rely on to deliver an intriguing plot, strong female characters and hunky heroes.

I enjoyed the dual narrative in this novel; Erin’s grandmother’s stories of falling in love with an American soldier during the wartime and Erin in present day who visits her palliative grandmother in Hospital. Erin is back in town to support her grandmother and doesn’t expect to receive so much attention from her former teenage fling Jamie McBride. Recently divorced, dealing with ongoing relationship conflict with her mother and coming to terms with her grandmother’s death; Erin isn’t convinced she’s ready for a relationship and certainly doesn’t expect one with playful Jamie.

There’s instant chemistry between Erin and Jamie and as their backstory slowly unfolds their connection deepens. As usual, Lane pulled at the heartstrings with this likable couple. The added layers of the generational struggles for the women in Erin’s family adds to the suspense and conflict in the story. However, I did find it very frustrating when Erin keeps a rather large secret from Jamie near the end. Given her own circumstances I’d have thought she’d be more open about the situation to Jamie.

Another great read from Karly Lane!

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