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If you’ve stopped by my blog in the past week you may have noticed some big changes. I’ve renamed my original blog (The Australian Bookshelf Blog) to Lauren Keegan Writer.

Why? I have blogged about books for more than five years now. I’ve occasionally written posts about my WIPs and involvement in NaNoWriMo but it hasn’t really been at the forefront of my posts.

This year, 2016, I’ve committed to taking my writing career seriously and that meant embracing my ‘writer’ identity. It has become increasingly important to me over recent months as I work toward becoming a published author.

I have written five manuscripts. I may have jumped into self-publishing too quickly with my earlier novels (under a pseudonym) a few years back, but I’ve learnt a lot about myself, the craft of writing and my writing style over the past six years. Oh, and editing. That has always been my downfall. You’ll no longer find those novels on the virtual shelves (thank god!) but those stories were a great practice run for writing the kind of stories I really want to write. The stories I feel passionate about and the stories I want to put my name to. I now lean toward crime fiction and suspense with strong elements of romance. I’m actively working towards publication of my latest manuscript, an adult crime novel.


So, what changes will you see around here? Besides the brand spanking new banner, you’ll also find a new blog layout, updated pages and new content. For subscribers and followers, new and old, upcoming posts will include:

  1. Weekly posts (4-6 per month)
  2. Occasional Book reviews: I will continue to post reviews about books that I love. I have started to wind down my review commitments to publishers so I can focus on the books that are piling up on my TBR and revisit some classics.
  3. Posts on writing: I’ll share info on my writing processes, WIP and any news related to my pursuit of publication.
  4. Author promotions: I’ll continue to collaborate with other authors on blog interviews, guest posts and the occasional book blog tour. My focus will still be on getting word out on Australian writers and authors.
  5. Discussion posts: I have some great posts in mind that draw on my love of reading, writing and my psychology background. I hope to share my personal and professional experiences with other writers and readers.

Stay tuned!

Feel free to leave me a comment or your feedback on my page. Or get in touch via: Twitter Facebook Instagram Goodreads

I hope you’ll join me on this new journey!



  • This will be great for me, as I have a ‘books’ category on my blog – I listed 20 books to read for 2016, and because of moving I was unable to get it all in. but i recently bought a stunning book called “Victoria – A life” which I posted on my blog, and I was thinking of maybe doing a review on it but thought I probably am not intellectual enough to talk about it because its so informative, and uses BIG words! LOL I will keep my eyes peeled for your posts! and will hopefully get some inspiration to do that book review! <3

    • The only way to learn is to give it a go Emmalisa! It took me awhile to find my voice when writing blog posts and book reviews. It’s all a process 😊
      I’ll have to check out that book. It sounds great!

  • Your awesome Loz, such an inspiration. Definitely following you through your website relaunch.
    All the best- even tho your already rocking it xx

  • Hi Lauren,
    Hadn’t seen this when I met you yesterday so hearty congrats albeit late!!
    Can’t wait to read your books and keeping up with your reviews and blogs.

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