5 Hilarious, Inspiring, Informative & Seriously Addictive Podcasts


I became a little obsessed with podcasts late last year and have battled with serious storage issues on my iphone ever since. I don’t think I’ve listened to the radio for over six months, because when I’m in the car alone (that is, when I’m not singing to the Wiggles or listening to the Hairy Maclary audio books on repeat with my toddler) I’m consuming podcasts.

The first two on my list were my initial obsessions as I devoured everything writing related, but then I caught up on the backlists and went in search of something new to listen to. The following three podcasts are the result.

  1. 1So You Want To Be A Writer with Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait

I LOVE this podcast! If you’re a writer or reader then you will love it too. Australian writers Val & Al share their wealth of knowledge about all things writing from features, to memoirs to genre fiction. It’s like having access to two mentors who cheer you on from the sideline as you build your writing career. The author interviews are a great feature and without fail, I learn something new about the writing process with each one I listen to. Oh, and they’ve been wonderful enough to answer my writerly questions on one or two occasions. There’s 150+ hours available (170+ episodes) for download, plus they upload 1-2 new episodes each week.


  1. Your Creative Life with Vanessa Carnevale and Kimberley Foster2

Another great writing podcast created by Australian writers which explores alternative influences on the creative process from mediation, mindfulness, kinesiology and much more. Vanessa started the podcast prior to her offer of publication and since then her debut novel, The Florentine Bridge has hit the shelves. Vanessa and Kimberley have taken a break from the podcast this year, but there’s still 60 episodes of great information, resources and interviews to listen to.


Okay, that’s it for writing podcasts. After I caught up on all these episodes I decided I needed to tune into something not writing related to give my mind some breathing space from all the information I’d absorbed over the past few months. So here’s what I found:

  1. My Dad Wrote a Porno with Jamie Morton


Yes, you read that right. Jamie Morton’s dad self-published an erotic novel called Belinda Blinked and in this hilarious podcast, Jamie and pals dissect his father’s work chapter by chapter in a podcast series that will have you laughing out loud. I suppose it is kind of writing related, but it’s really a showcase of all the things you shouldn’t do as a writer. This has been promoted via the Sydney Writer’s Festival newsletter for the past couple of months so I checked it out and I absolutely love it!


  1. Not By Accident with Sophie Harper

4A wonderfully structured autobiographical documentary series by Australian Sophie Harper. A single, gay, thirty-something woman working in Denmark who becomes a single mother by choice, not by accident. She chronicles her journey over six years, including original audio from the important moments in that time. This podcast is seriously addictive and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is a parent, wants to be a parent or just wants to become absorbed in a great story, then this one is for you.


  1. Burn Your Passport

5Australian comedian Nazeem Hussain warmed my heart in the latest series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (yes, I admit I did watch it) and I was delighted to find he has kick started his own podcast. They are short episodes, usually about 10 minutes and he interviews other comedians and celebrities to talk about, well, how travel sometimes sucks.

Well, that’s it. Have you tuned in to any of these podcasts? Let me know what you’ve been listening to in the comments below.


  • I love Val and Al like little invisible friends! I’ve been listening to my dad wrote a porno too. Nearly crashed my car with laughing. Going to hear Jamie on Saturday night at the Sydney Writers Festival. Anyone else going?

    • That’s so funny Jo! I too have been laughing in the car and i’m sure people have wondered what is going on! It’s a lot of fun 🙂
      Oh i’m sure his talk on Saturday will be a lot of fun. Enjoy!

  • I listen also to Conversations with Richard Fidler – great for ideas, The Creative Penn and Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula. Just started listening to My Dad Wrote a Porno. Love it. Oh, and also Flights of Fancy (travel) by Ben Groundwater.

  • I love Val and Al, too, and I’ve learnt so much from listening to them. I used to enjoy Vanessa and Kimberley, too, but alas they’re not making any more episodes. I agree with Jo above, about Richard Fidler, who I regard as the best interviewer in Oz! ‘The Garret’ is another good podcast for writers and have had a few big literary names as guests. I subscribe to the Guardian books podcast, too, as they often have great interviews with authors. I’m going to listen to the others you’ve suggested. Thank you for bringing us this!

    • Great recommendations Louise! I’ll have to check them out, especially the Richard Fidler one- seems to be a popular one.

  • So You Want To Be A Writer always jumps to the top of my play list whenever there is a new episode out – no matter how far behind I am on any of my other subscriptions.
    I also loved Your Creative Life, but I haven’t come across any of the others you mentioned, so I’ve downloaded them – it’s great to have variety, thanks for the suggestions.

  • I have subscribed to the first two! I love podcasts especially for spiritual growth. I listen to Joyce Meyer or Beth Moore sometimes. I actually had the course so you want to be a writer when I lived in Melbourne. I think it was a big book with CD’s in it so not exactly a certificate from what I remember. Valerie Khoo is very well known!

    • Oh i’m sure you’ll enjoy the writer podcasts Emmalisa! I’ll have to check out the other two you’ve mentioned as i’m always looking for great new podcasts to listen to 🙂

      • I was just at the Morley Galleria and I bought Great Expectations – Charles Dickens….. the lady at Dymocks says she’s never been able to finish it, so when I do finish it I have to tell her how I liked it. It’s interesting what some people can read and some can not!

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