The Anchor That Is Writing: A guest post on the Louise J Allan website

What was I up to in June? Well, not writing too many blog posts that’s for sure. Sorry about that! However, my essay ‘the anchor that is writing’ was featured over on the website of a wonderfully supportive fellow Australian writer Louise J Allan who will soon have her debut novel released into the wild (Jan 2018).

Here’s an excerpt of the essay and if you’d like to read more then pop over to Louise’s website. There are some fantastic essays from emerging, aspiring and established authors that will provide endless inspiration!


The Anchor That is Writing

anchor. a means of stability (Macquarie Dictionary)


It’s something that I just keep on coming back to.

As a child, I wrote innocent stories about dogs and wildlife clubs and elves.

As an adolescent, I wrote angst-ridden journal entries, disclosing my innermost fears and desires to the blank pages of diaries protected with (rather flimsy!) locks and keys.

In my late teens, while studying psychology, I wrote essays and literature reviews, but it wasn’t until my early twenties that I felt the pull to write a full-length novel. Almost a decade later, I have a young family, a psychology career, a dog and a vegetable garden, but it’s the writing that has been my constant companion through all the ups and downs. It’s been my outlet, both creatively and emotionally.

It’s my anchor. Writing has helped me process grief, it’s channeled my anger, it’s captured travel experiences and important moments in my life. Its stretched my creativity, its guided my wandering mind and challenged me on an intellectual, emotional and psychological level…

To read the full essay, please pop over to Louise’s blog.


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