Are ebooks a profitable business ‘product’?

Have you considered selling or giving away an ebook for on your area of expertise? An ebook can be a fantastic way to showcase your expert knowledge and provide useful and practical information to your current and potential clients. A short ebook (10 pages) can also be a great giveaway ‘offer’ when people sign up to your email mailing list.

What would you write about?

It’s essential that you provide the reader with something that is useful and specific. A guide on ‘good health’ is not going to cut it. Something more specific like “how to support your lower back in an office job” for a chiropractic clinic or “5 tips to improve your intimate relationship” for a psychologist who offers relationship counselling. A dietician may offer a guide on “nutrition in pregnancy.” 

Find your niche and offer useful content to people who have the issues that you help to resolve. 

It not only establishes your role as an expert in the field, but it shows you are passionate about your work, you know what you are talking about and you are willing to share free information to improve the health of people regardless of whether they book your service. 

You may wish to offer a short eBook for free, or offer a more detailed ebook and sell it. The opportunities are endless. 

Quick tips for writing an eBook:

  • Begin by outlining the topic you wish to write about
  • Find relevant scientific references to back up your claims
  • Write a bio with key information about your service and how people can contact you
  • Write the eBook and include images to make it visually appealing and break up the text. 
  • Design a cover image or hire a graphic designer so that it looks like a professional book
  • Save the eBook as PDF and put it up on your website

Ebooks help health practitioners to establish authority in their area of expertise, increase traffic to your website (and therefore enquiries) and entice people to sign up to your mailing list.

Don’t have time to write an ebook? Want to get on with the clinical work and leave it to someone else? 

Let me write it for you! Get in touch for a quote.

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