Do health professionals need a website?

The short answer: Yes!

You want people to find you, right? Sure facebook and instagram are a great way to boost awareness of your services but you want to bring them back to a space that you own.

Your homepage is your ‘home.’ It’s the one place on the internet that is yours, where you can invite your clients inside and show them around. Give them an idea of what you are about, but more importantly you need to show clients how YOUR service will benefit THEM.

Many people believe the homepage is where you tell the visitor all about yourself.  The place where you show all the experience you have, your qualifications and establish your credentials. 

Can you imagine if you opened your door to an unexpected dinner guest and said “I’m an amazing cook, I have 20 years of experience, I’ve cooked for celebrities and powerful business people. I also have the most beautiful dinner plates.”

What impression would that have? Yes, your guest may feel impressed and know they will be cooked a solid meal, but will they feel anything? No.

Imagine the same situation but instead you say, “Had a hard day at work and feeling hungry? Want a wholesome meal to fill your belly? Want to feel at ease and comfort? Want to know you are in the hands of an experienced chef who provides individualized meal plans to guests? Then come on in.”

What impression does this leave you with? You instantly feel hungry, curious, invested in the dinner and you feel understood. Yes, I had a hard day and I’m starving. This person really gets me. 

Which door do you think the dinner guest will return to the following night?

Your webpage is where people knock on your door. Invite them in with genuine, warm content that makes your clients feel understood. Leave all the (very important!) credentials, expertise and professional experience for your ‘about’ page. 

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