Do you want to offer an online course for your business?

Online courses, also known as ecourses, are a golden opportunity for practitioners to reach a whole new market. You can offer short courses through an educational platform, or a course in a PDF that is delivered in individual modules to the client, or even a short course through a series of emails. 

You can focus on one specific goal or cover a whole range of topics. Finding your niche, which is your special area of interest, helps establish you as an expert in the field and attracts potential clients to learn more about what you offer and the specialised knowledge you have available. 

Some examples of a short course that various allied health professionals could offer:

  • Five week course on how to overcome stage fright (psychologist)
  • A 10 day challenge to improve your sleep (chiropractor)
  • How to make your workplace ergonomic-friendly (occupational therapist)

Perhaps you have a special skill or interest in your discipline that other practitioners would like to learn more about. You could offer an online course to other health professionals to learn to enhance their knowledge and build their skills in that particular area. 

You may offer the courses for free, with the hope the client will access more of your services, or you can sell them for a fee. The opportunities are endless!

Don’t have time to write an online course but want to share your expertise with more people? Want to get on with the clinical work and leave it to someone else? 

Let me help you! Get in touch for a quote.

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