Email newsletters for health practitioners

Traditionally newsletters were printed and circulated as a hardcopy, but these days small businesses can build a database of potential clients or consumers when they sign up to a mailing list. When someone signs up to your mailing list, then it provides you with a very valuable asset. 

Their email addresses. 

When you have an email address, it provides you with a direct link to interested clients. You can guarantee your content will turn up in their inbox (though you can’t guarantee it will be read! Great content does that!), which is far more personal than a ‘like’ on a Facebook page. 

Many businesses use emails for sales marketing, but health professionals can feel uneasy with this. With good reason. We have strict guidelines about healthcare and advertising as outlined by AHPRA. But, we can use email newsletters to keep connected with existing clients and potential clients, capturing those who have shown some interest in your services but may not be ready to commit to an appointment.

You can use an email newsletter to provide valuable content (similar to a blog post, but usually only 400 words or less), share details or changes in your business (for example, Christmas trading hours), or information about upcoming events, programs or courses you have on offer. 

If you don’t have an option to sign up to a mailing list on your website then you are missing out on a BIG opportunity. If someone has taken the time to look up a particular issue, find a practitioner and stumble across your website do not let the opportunity pass. If a visitor scans your website, they may think your service is great, but they aren’t quite ready to do anything about it yet. They may tell themselves they’ll come back at another time. But what if they forget the name of your service or find another one? You’ve lost a potential client. 

A mailing list provides you with the chance to catch a visitor while they are curious and interested in the service or the information you have on offer. Your name in their inbox will keep you in their mind. It gives a sense of familiarity, so that once they are committed to accessing a service like yours, you will be the first one that comes to mind. 

Why would someone willingly give you their email address? 

Many of us are barraged with emails all day long and it’s no wonder some people feel protective over their personal contact details, especially when it comes to businesses. So, how do you make it worth it?

Have a point of difference. Entice people to hand over their email address by giving away something for free. It may be a free consultation, a special offer or a free ebook on a particular topic of interest. What is an ebook? Find out more here.

Don’t have time to write your own newsletters? Want to get on with the clinical work and leave it to someone else? 

Let me help you build up your mailing list while freeing up your time to do what you do best: helping people! Get in touch for a quote.

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