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Book Review- The Alphabet Sisters

Monica McInerney- The Alphabet Sisters (2004) Bett is one of three daughters and as the middle child has always felt like a bit of an outsider compared to her older, thinner and talented sister Anna and her younger, prettier and self-absorbed sister Carrie. When Bett meets Matthew and they become engaged to be married, she… Continue reading Book Review- The Alphabet Sisters

Book reviews

Book Review- Somebody’s Crying

Maureen McCarthy- Somebodys Crying (2008) The backdrop for the story is essentially a murder mystery but what unravels is a complex intertwining of three distinctive characters. Tom an amateur photographer, his former best friend Jonty newly released from lock up and now working as a cook and Alice the young woman who searches for an… Continue reading Book Review- Somebody’s Crying

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The Australian Bookshelf

Welcome to the Australian Bookshelf! This is a blog written by an Australian, for other booklovers in Australia and worldwide. You can expect to read honest book reviews and find up to date information on the book industry as I become aware of it. If you would like to know more about me, please see… Continue reading The Australian Bookshelf