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Book Review: One Woman’s Life

Irena Praitis- One Woman's Life (2010)   Synopsis: Ona Kartanas has lived through extraordinary circumstances. Born in Lithuania during World War I she was orphaned at an early age and struggled to find her way in life.  She experienced the Soviet and Nazi occupations of Lithuania during World War II, was interrogated at gunpoint on… Continue reading Book Review: One Woman’s Life

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Book Blog Tour: Guest Post with Irena Praitis

Today on The Australian Bookshelf we have author Irena Praitis on tour with Diversion Press. She is promoting her novel, One Woman's Life. Welcome Irena! I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear my grandmother's stories. Throughout my childhood, I had heard about her life, but no one had ever sat down with her… Continue reading Book Blog Tour: Guest Post with Irena Praitis