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Sasha Wasley: How I Got An Agent

What to know how to sign a literary agent and get a publishing deal in Australia? Sasha Wasley tells us how.

Author Interviews, Literary Agents, publishing, Writing

Ben Hobson: How I Got An Agent

"I found that, after so many years of butting my head up against publishing shut-doors, that I’d started to change my voice to suit some ephemeral, unknowable audience. I was trying to write how I thought people wanted me to, in contrast to my actual voice."- Ben Hobson

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Author Interviews, Literary Agents, publishing, Writing

Louise Allan: How I Got An Agent

This new blog series is really just an excuse to get some insider information from authors who have successfully pitched to an agent and had their book published! I'm thrilled to have Western Australian author Louise Allan to kick off the series.