How writers can keep warm this winter

If staying motivated to write wasn’t hard enough, now us writers have to battle numb hands that are reluctant to type. Here are my seven tips for writers to stay warm this winter.


Getting a handle on plot points (or not)

Last month I made great gains with my WIP (work in progress). I was super excited about my story. It was the big bright shiny thing that had consumed my creative mind for several months. I've been trying my hand at planning and plotting rather than pantsing my way through as I usually do, and it… Continue reading Getting a handle on plot points (or not)

Book reviews

What makes you STOP reading?

I recently read an article about what makes people stop reading a book. It got me thinking about my own reading habits. I've always been an avid reader and when I started up this blog five years ago (!!) my reading tastes rapidly expanded. I had review requests on backlog and was reading 10-20 books a month.… Continue reading What makes you STOP reading?