Lauren Keegan is a writer, reader and psychologist from the Wollondilly Shire, NSW. She works as a psychologist in a public mental health service in Sydney South-West and has previously worked in child protection services.

Lauren has worked as a freelance health writer for the past five years, specialising in articles, ebooks, course development and ghostwriting, related to mental health, psychology and women’s health.

She reads and writes across a range of genres, but romantic crime fiction is her current obsession. Her interest in people and relationships is channelled into character-driven novels against a backdrop of crime and mystery, where the real danger is what the characters pose to themselves. Lauren’s short story Last Chance Junction was published in a Christmas anthology (under the pseudonym Lauren Murphy) by Kellan Publishing in 2013. She has written five manuscripts and is currently working on her sixth!

When she’s not counselling patients, blogging about books, writing novels or running around after her toddler, she’s enjoying a cup of tea and a good book. And if life isn’t busy enough, she has a book merchandise store on Etsy called Bookish Gifts where she makes rustic gift cards, bookmarks, and hand typed quotes on a c1960s Remington vintage typewriter.

Lauren is a member of the Wollondilly FAW writers group, the NSW Writers’ Centre and the Romance Writers of Australia (RWA).




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